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Large industrial park planned next to Blue Valley mobile home park in S. Boise

A large-scale industrial development is planned next to the Blue Valley mobile home, near a Winco Foods distribution center in south Boise.

The Eastport Industrial park at 8675 S. Warehouse Ct. in Boise would add more than 1.19 million square feet of warehouse space across seven buildings, if approved and built.

The project comes from Dallas, TX-based Lincoln Property Company. It would sit on land currently owned by the Yanke family of Boise.

The project would take up most of the undeveloped land between the Winco foods center and Blue Valley. It would extend both E. Winco Ct. and S. Warehouse way through the site, with the two connecting in a t-shape on the property. A series of warehouse buildings would go up on the three pieces of land created by the streets.

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Eastport Industrial Boise site plan
Site plan for Eastport Industrial Park. Via Mackenzie

The largest would back up to the Blue Valley site, with 378,560 square feet of space. Additional buildings would measure 166,400, 175,560, 102,400, 52,200, 299,000, and 37,440 square feet.

A total of 1,456 parking spaces are planned, which is more than the 1,399 required.

Eastport Industrial developers submitted an extensive 39-page application letter describing the project.

“The site is within the Urban Growth Boundary and City of Boise limits,” the unsigned letter begins. Boise does not have an urban growth boundary.

“The site will be developed to support warehouse use, with each building providing a bank of dock doors, parking, tractor trailer storage and circulation adequate for semi-truck traffic and employee parking,” the letter says. The project will extend the full right-of-way of S. Warehouse Way and E. Winco Court within the boundary of the site.”

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Adjacent to Blue Valley

Eastport Industrial Boise
Landscape plan for Eastport Industrial Park. Via Mackenzie

The residents of the Blue Valley park previously mobilized against a project that also sat adjacent to their homes – a truck terminal for R&L Carriers. After contentious hearings, and six months of negotiations between the City of Boise and R&L, the city traded for a piece of land it owned elsewhere in the area, leaving the land next to Blue Valley undeveloped.

“Somewhere in the past, government let these folks down,” former Boise Mayor Dave Bieter said in 2019. “It wasn’t city government. If you have an opportunity to make right what wasn’t, we in government ought to take that opportunity.”

In the letter for the Lincoln project, only passing references are made to Blue Valley. However, developers say they plan a “50-foot landscape buffer along the northern project boundary (which) will provide screening between the two uses.”

Landscaping renderings show a berm with trees, as well as a “6-foot high privacy screen fence,” on the portion of the property that runs adjacent to Blue Valley. To the south of the fence sits two long rows of parking, and the largest of the warehouse buildings.

The plan differs from the one for R&L, which called for an active truck transfer facility and a drive-in shop near the mobile home park, as well as no setback.

The Eastport Industrial Park will need design review approval from the City of Boise. A hearing is set for April 13th at 6pm at Boise City Hall.

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Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
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