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What is JUMP? Tractors, slides and learning highlight founder’s legacy

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Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, also known as JUMP, cannot be missed due to its outstanding structure and creative interior in Downtown Boise.

JUMP Boise first opened in 2015 at Front St. and 10th St. The purpose of the building is to be a shared environment and an opportunity for people to grow and learn through different activities and events. 

The interior of the building consists of six floors, each with different activities and opportunities for guests. There are various studio spaces throughout, some created for doing video work and others for dance, movement, and recitals. Inside the building is an industrial-grade kitchen for guests to create new recipes and a five-story spiral slide that visitors can take a trip down!

After sliding down the spiral slide, guests can explore the outdoor area, which consists of an amphitheater for concerts, several play areas, and meeting areas. Guests also get an amazing view of Downtown Boise throughout the outdoor and indoor areas. These spaces and opportunities within JUMP serve as a shared environment so that those within them can learn together. 

A wide variety of vintage tractors are displayed throughout the building as a museum exhibit. These tractors came from J.R. Simplot – an Idaho entrepreneur who passed away in 2008. Simplot collected the tractors over the years, and after his death, the Simplot family incorporated them into the JUMP to showcase them. While JUMP is a metaphor for exploratory play, it also stands as an acronym for Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, as a tribute to Jack Simplot. 

Jack Simplot was known for taking risks and thinking outside the box. JUMP’s organizers say they hope the community can continue to honor his legacy by thinking and creating in a unique space together.

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Morgan McDonough - BoiseDev Intern
Morgan McDonough - BoiseDev Intern
Morgan McDonough is an intern for BoiseDev. She is a University of Idaho student studying journalism and advertising.

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