Boise's field of dreams. Photo courtesy St. Luke's Health System
Boise’s field of dreams. Photo courtesy St. Luke’s Health System

The Statesman’s big Friday story on a ballpark at the former Kmart site on Americana at Shoreline sets a big vision.

But this plan has some big challenges.

First – there is little to no guarantee St. Luke’s Health System will sell the land for this use. I checked in with SLHS Public Relations Manager Anita Kissée.  She confirms that the chunk of land is in play as the non-profit hospital system reorganizes its real estate holdings. But she was clear – the ballpark group isn’t the only group that hopes to own the land.

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  1. I’d agree, there are some major hurdles and big ‘if’s’ in the scenario outlined by the Statesman and shared again here. The lack of private funding doesn’t sound promising. While I think a stadium is a better use than a parking lot, stadiums really don’t turn out to be economic stimulants for many cities’ neighborhoods. I keep waiting for something like the South Waterfront project in Portland to coalesce in this western part of Downtown, a mixed use dense urban residential/commercial/office — kind of a second Boise city center.

    I’m very curious how the Portland Timbers 2nd Division Team plays into this. Soccer seems like it has more future in professional sports than baseball. Professional soccer clubs are notorious for not wanting to play in baseball stadiums. New MLS stadiums seat 20 – 30k and tend to cost $190 million…. if Boise goes the downtown stadium route, I’d prefer soccer specific, and more investment in the club with an eye to the future, not to mention half the project being residential and mixed use.

    Thanks for the article and opening comments up!

      • Thanks, it’s my pleasure! Keep up the good work, I dig your site. Can’t get enough news and speculation on Boise development these days.

        I should clarify in my second paragraph — I’d like any stadium development to include at least half it’s footprint as residential/mixed use. These stadiums can result in ghost blocks the other 300 days of the year when a game/event isn’t occurring.

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