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Circulator open house: mixed reactions

BoiseDev has obtained a summary of the comments received during an open house for a circulator from Boise State through Downtown Boise.

The reaction from those attended was decidedly mixed – with some leaving emphatic comments in favor of a fixed-rail circulator, but at least as many leaving comments preferring something else. There is no clear consensus in the public opinion collected on Tuesday – though in general respondents are in favor of some type of circulator.

Eight comments specifically said they supported a streetcar – but interestingly, eight people also explicitly named buses or were against rail.

In all, 45 comment cards were filled out. The City of Boise’s analysis passed to circulator committee members said there were 44 comments – but there are 45 listed.Here’s how the comments broke down:

  • Generally supportive of a circulator, no mode mentioned: 14 comments
  • Supportive of a streetcar: 8 comments
  • Supportive of bus options or against rail: 8 comments
  • Supportive of either bus or streetcar: 1 comment
  • Opposed to project: 5 comments
  • Mixed opinion: 1 comment
  • Other: 8 comments

See the comments for yourself:

  • Generally supportive – 14 replies
    • Like it. Add line to Vista and Airport.
    • This is Awesome. Hope it goes through.
    • We need this.
    • I like that this mode of transportation is more efficient and provides younger and older people with more transportation.
    • Great way to get around downtown and more revenue for business.
    • Make it happen, make it high frequency, make it expandable.
    • I’m in support.
    • Looks great, can’t wait.
    • Looks good. We need local option.
    • Support the concept and project.
    • Move Forward.
    • Great love it. Like to see it coupled with all transit services.
    • Great stuff.
    • Couldn’t be happier with this news. Like to see more but realize need to start somewhere.
  • Supportive of a streetcar – 8 replies
    • I support the streetcar to facilitate development towards the river.
    • Very excited, prefer the street car. Regional connectivity is key.
    • Streetcar would be fantastic addition to downtown. Also better bike lanes.
    • Go rail, support 100%. Boise needs a seamless transportation system so sustain quality of life, needs to start now.
    • More streetcars the better.
    • Like the streetcar. Update plan to reflect changes in downtown (i.e. go out towards CWI).
    • Like the project prefer street car.
    • Go for the rail.
  • Supportive of bus options or against rail – 8 replies
    • Like the “T” route, consider rubber tire as proof of concept.
    • Circulator can be a new bus route and should connect downtown to all libraries.
    • Would the money be better spent on improving current bus system?
    • Expand and build the existing bus system instead.
    • Better bus service makes more sense. Rather see a real transit system.
    • Insane expense, waste of tax payer money. Ridership will be minimal. Increase use of buses.
    • Thanks for getting the discussion going. Keep options open. Rubber tire is more flexible and cost effective.
    • Pursue new technology not rail.
  • Supportive of bus or streetcar – 1 reply
    • Really like the streetcar option. Bus would work though.
  • Mixed opinion – 1 reply
    • Love the idea but fear the cost.
  • Opposed to project – 5 replies
    • Would rather see money spent on regional transportation. Downtown circulator is a waste of tax money.
    • Way too expensive for small increase in ridership.
    • We DO NOT need the Trolley to Nowhere, or the Circulator. What we need is transit (rail) from Caldwell/Nampa and Meridian/Eagle to Boise. We’ve needed it for a long time. Please focus your efforts there! – Via email.
    • What part of no don’t you get?
    • Who is going to use it, how are you going to pay for it? Taxes are killing us! Downtown parking is ridiculous.
  • Other comments – 8 replies
    • Love it, I want to support the TAP.
    • Make the loop larger to serve more area.
    • Thanks for including BSU in the planning effort.
    • Very interested in the new alternative and the economic develop it could bring.
    • Thanks for all you do to make this the best city in America.
    • Want to learn more about the economic development.
    • Excited to see this at Treefort and feel this in greatly needed to reduce cars. Make it free.
    • Add a stop at the corner by the Morrison Center.
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