Idaho… has… the nation’s… slowest… internet

 This slow GIF probably took you longer to download if you live in Idaho.
This slow GIF probably took you longer to download if you live in Idaho.

Idahoans love a good list.

But the Gem State landed at the bottom of a list that is less-than-a gem: Internet speeds. Dead. Last.

Here’s some data:

  • The fastest U.S. state, Deleware, has speeds at about 25 Mbps. That might not sound ripping-fast… but that is the average speed.  (District of Columbia is a little faster, but it gets an advantage since it’s entirely comprised of one big urban area).
  • The average speed across the whole country is 18.7 Mbps.
  • Idaho’s average speed is… hold on — you gotta wait a minute to read this part. Wait for it. OK — you get the point: It’s 12.0 Mbps.  AKA – half as fast as the zippiest state, and downright annoyingly slow.

In the state’s largest urban area, Boise, there is a duopoly on home broadband – CenturyLink or CableOne. According to Ookla, CableOne will get you an average speed of 52.21 Mbps down, while CLink fetches 18.1 Mbps.

But the real problem, of course, is Idaho’s rural area.  Much of it has no real broadband. Nada. Twenty-two percent of Idahoans can’t get their hands on an Internet connection that is greater than 25 Mbps.

Idaho won’t get ahead while our Internet lags behind.



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