Drivers on Broadway may have noticed the Flying Pie Pizza location on Broadway in Boise has been closed for most of the month of June. 

The location will now be branded Flying Pie Bistro, and include a different menu offering from the chain’s other locations in the area.  It will also now feature table service instead of counter service – and the restaurant staffing has been adjusted to meet the new model. 

The opening date for the restaurant has been a bit of a moving target. The sign originally said July 24th. Then a Facebook post said July 26th. Now, the restaurant is doing a “VIP” opening through Sunday. Food is free, but folks have to sign up for an invite.

The Broadway location is already perceptibly different from other stores – and some Yelp reviewers have noticed

Read Holly B.‘s review of Flying Pie Pizzaria on Yelp





  1. To be honest, I really don’t like the Broadway Flying Pie appearance. It’s almost too sterile and full of cold, stainless steel. It’s not at all the original Flying Pie on Fairview. And maybe it’s not supposed to be. Maybe it attracts different clientele than the original. The original is cozy, friendly, with just a touch of weird. I love it. I’m not sure the new Broadway setup is what Joe Levitch had in mind with his original one. I’ll continue to visit the Fairview store. And if you’re in to the more bistro sterile style, then you’ll be happy on Broadway.

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