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Courtesy photo

First Interstate Bank, which in the Boise area became part of Wells Fargo – is about to return to the Treasure Valley.

The brand survived under license to a separate entity based in Billings, Montana.  The company has grown steadily and purchased Bank of the Cascades late last year.

Permits filed with the City of Boise show that the brand will be returning to Bank of the Cascades locations – with the first on Overland Rd. in the Overland Park Shopping Center.

In a twist, the first branch to get First Interstate signage used to carry the brand before the Wells Fargo merger. Wells closed the branch – and it later opened as a Farmers & Merchants branch which became Bank of the Cascades. Got that? First Interstate > Wells Fargo > Farmers & Merchants > Bank of the Cascades > First Interstate.

Filings are also in for the branches on Eagle Rd. and in Downtown Boise.

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