Where business news starts in Boise

Where business news starts in Boise.

Maverik (again) renews work on old Cole School site

Maverik applied for a new “minor land division” with the city of Boise for property it owns at Cole and Fairview in Boise. The convenience store chain owns the land and said it would eventually build a fuel center on portion of the property along Cole Rd.

In November, it withdrew an earlier application (detailed below) for the parcel. The developer is back with a slightly modified and less-specific proposal that would designate commercial and retail use along Fairview, with a “low-intensity buffer use” on the rear of the property near the existing residential neighborhood.

In an application letter, Ben Semple with Rodney Evans Partners didn’t specifically say what the so-called low-intensity parcel would include.

“Due to the residential zoning and use to the south, Parcel 3 of the rezoned property is proposed with landscape setbacks and buffers, along with lower intensity uses as allowed in the C-2D zone, and as specifically modified by the Development Agreement. This will provide a buffer from the commercial and retail uses along Fairview Ave., and allow for a development that is cohesive with the adjacent single-family residential.”


For more than a century, it was learning’s first stop for Boise students.  Soon, Maverik hopes to make it ‘adventure’s first stop.’

The gas and mini-mart company has applied with the City of Boise to subdivide the former Cole Elementary School site at Fairview Ave. and Cole Rd.  The preliminary site plan submitted shows a large convenience store with pumps located along Fairview Ave.

The grassy area that once was the school’s playground and field would be mostly paved, with parking for nearly 300 cars across the site.

Up to ten additional buildings beyond the gas station are imagined, which could house businesses like a “bank, drive-thru restaurant (or) offices.”

“Rezone and preliminary plat applications we previously processed for the property but have since expired,” Tamara Thompson with The Land Group said in an application letter.

Maverik purchased the property from the Boise School District in 2014. The district closed the school in 2008 and tore it down in 2009. The site has been vacant for a decade.

“The proposed rezone and plat will allow this vacant, infill site, to redevelop into a vibrant, active retail center,” Thompson wrote.

The rezone proposal goes before Boise’s Planning & Zoning Commission on September 17th.

Header photo: Courtesy Preservation Idaho

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