This special Deep Dive series looks at the process and development of up to four new urban renewal districts in Boise under the direction of the Capital City Development Corporation. Each day will bring into focus the idea and work being done.

The Capital City Development Corporation’s first urban renewal district in the downtown core expires this year – and the agency and City of Boise are looking to add up to four new areas to the portfolio.

If all four work through the process and are approved by Boise’s city council – land under CCDC’s purview could stretch far beyond Downtown Boise – reaching from nearly Horseshoe Bend Rd in the west to the Memory Rd./Isaac’s Canyon interchange in the east.

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  1. Never let anyone tell you a government project is temporary. Notice how CCDC’s stated reasons for these new areas is so they have a reason to continue to exist instead of anything about public good.

    Redevelopment districts are extremely expensive. There’s better ways to achieve development of these areas than foregoing decades of tax revenue and continuing to pay for the bloat of CCDC.

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