BoiseDev first reported about a new mosaic in the middle of a Downtown Boise intersection last fall.

Now the installation is in – and our friend Matt Roderick over at Rapid Aerial fired up his flying machine and grabbed some pics.

“I saw this on Boise Dev and thought it was a neat project, so I grabbed some pics,” he said. “It adds some much-needed color to the area, in my opinion.”

The project was installed in recent days in the intersection of 8th Street and Fulton Street near the Foothills School of Arts & Sciences.

Courtesy Matt Roderick/Rapid Aerial LLC
Courtesy Matt Roderick/Rapid Aerial LLC


  1. Does anyone know who was the owner of this project? I’m interested in how they got it approved with ACHD.

  2. Probably my favorite piece of public art in town to date. Hope we can bring more of these to residential intersections as Portland has done. Awesome views from above, thanks for posting.

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