A new development would add 18 homes to a small parcel on Kootenai St. on the Boise Bench.

The Marietta Subdivision would feature nine townhomes along Kootenai St., with another nine facing the back of the site overlooking a railroad spur and a planned apartment complex.

Each of the townhomes would be three stories tall, and some would feature just a single-car garage.  The applicant, CK Property Group, has asked for a parking variance to allow for the single-car garages, with extra parking spaces in a small internal parking lot.

“Single-family homes typically require 2-car garages and no guest parking, but we are providing for 9 on-site surface parking spaces, and a 9-space
bicycle rack for visitor and resident use,” Ben Semple with Rodney Evans and Partners wrote in a letter of explanation for the project.

The applicant is asking for a setback variance to allow some of the townhomes to be built just 7 feet. from the property line along a railroad track – instead of the traditionally required 15 feet.

Sample floorpan. Via public filing

“The developer felt that it was appropriate to explore all options to get an approval for single-family residential so that adjacent homeowners are
impacted as little as possible, and this project would enhance the residential nature of the surrounding property,” Semple wrote.

The proposed materials for the homes will be standing seam metal panels, fiber cement siding, marine-grade stained and sealed plywood, powder-coated steel plates, and vinyl windows.

The project is set to be heard in front of Boise’s Planning and Zoning Commission on September 10th.

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  1. Homes are not a bad idea. Yikes that they want a variance to be 7 ft to the railroad property line rather than the 15ft.

  2. We need much more housing in boise city if we want to keep commutes short and see a drop in rental prices and scarcity of available homes. So I’m all for a rethinking of rules that governed Boise when we were a much smaller place to live. They no longer can guide is in a direction of smart growth management.

  3. Hey, Don. What’s going in on Federal Way near the post office? I searched on here but couldn’t find any info. Thanks for all you do. I love that you keep us all in-the-know!

  4. It’s important to not assume that townhomes automatically imply an ownership opportunity, as there is no requirement that they have to be sold, therefore this can (and usually does) result in simply a fancier, and often more expensive, apartment to rent.

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