The City of Garden City is working to upgrade a small park along the Boise River, along a booming stretch of the Greenbelt.

Heron View Park is located between the Garden City Senior Center and the Boise River, on a small half-acre plot of land.

Construction underway at Heron View Park. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

Contractors are working to remove the existing park amenities, and will build a revamped space with a public plaza, picnic shelter, and river access.

The Land Group was contracted by Garden City’s urban renewal agency for the project.

The Land Group… (integrated) flood mitigation strategies into the user-driven park design. The concept was to regrade the riverbank from a straight-down drop, to a long, gradual slope from the center of the existing park. The “big slope” allows more water to flow through so it slows down the speed at this location. A 3-tier platform and an elevated boardwalk are proposed to provide access to the riparian zone and river without disturbing the riverside ecology.

The Land Group

The park revamp is expected to cost up to $730,000

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