Whitewater Station development. Image via Stack Rock Group

The Boise City Council voted unanimously to approve this project during its December 4th meeting.

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PREVIOUSLY – SEPTEMBER 10, 2018: There’s new detail around the planned development on the site of the former Jerry’s 27th Street Market in Boise.

Blane Harvey with Whitewater Station which is developing the project shared new renderings of what they hope to build on the site if it meets approval from the City of Boise. As previously reported on BoiseDev, the new plan calls for 28 units with integrated parking, plus a small retail area.

The last project to be proposed on the site met with opposition from some neighbors.  Harvey said it was planned to consist of apartments, whereas this new development will be condos sold to owners instead of rented.

He hopes to price units roughly 10% under the comparable homes in the area.

“This is all for-sale product, so you are going to have owners in the neighborhood,” he said. “People care about the neighborhood they live in if they own the property.”

The building will be three stories instead of four, and will “essentially park itself,” Harvey said – instead of needing a 30% reduction like the previous idea.

The group has an idea of what they want to see with the planned retail space.

“We would love to see a little coffee shop – there’s a patio out there too – or maybe a specialty market with deli sandwiches,” he said. “(We want) something low use, not going to disturb tenants but provide a nice amenity for the neighborhood

Harvey said his group is already looking at another development in the 27th St. corridor. 

“We feel the area has a lot of potential,” he said. “There’s really only one way for Downtown to grow – it’s pretty evident which way that’s going to be and we want to be in front.

The development is in the Capital City Development Corporation’s 30th Street urban renewal district. Public records indicate the developer and agency could work together for parts of the project

“After a year of delay, a member of the development reached out to CCDC and we have passed along a Type 2 Participation Program application and requested a meeting,” the CCDC document notes.

The urban renewal agency’s Type 2 program generally allows for help with costs of infrastructure and streetscape improvements.

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  1. “People care about the NH they live in if they own the property.” I call BS on that. Sad. Add this to the rental projects like the Barber Valley apartments nixed in large part thanks to classism.

  2. Thank you for the always up to day and useful Boise info. The neighbors will most probably welcome the change of plans from apartments to condos.

  3. What does CCDC have to do with this? They are an invasive group of wheeler-dealers who run city real estate without taxpayer input or approval. There is no oversight and no public participation!
    Are there units that can be deemed “affordable” as the city has tooted about? Sort of…kind of…well not really. If developers get public money they need to set aside a percentage of units for income-qualified buyers. 10% is less than the taxes/fees for a real estate transaction.

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