The nights are starting to cool and it’s getting dark way earlier than anyone would like. But with the arrival of fall in just a few days, another Idaho ski season is just around the corner.

And the Warm Springs Lodge at the Sun Valley Resort will be back open – with a host of new features and changes.  Crews responded to a massive fire that sent flames shooting 30-feet into the air last April, just after the ski season ended.

With Warm Springs serving as the anchor for food and beverage service on that side of the mountain, crews had to act fast to get the building back in shape in time for the 2018 winter season.

But more than just restoring the old layout, resort officials took the opportunity to revamp the space and change up the offerings.

The old entry along Picabo Street will be removed, with the main lodge entry now being on the snow side.

“By taking that one entry out, we were able to add about 80 seats downstairs which was desperately needed – it was always hard to find a seat,” Sun Valley Resort Director of Food and Beverage Jim Snyder said in a YouTube video tour of the renovations.

The future area for the bar will feature views of the Warm Springs run. Photo courtesy Sun Valley Resort 

A large new bar will be installed along the large windows overlooking the Warm Springs run – replacing a smaller bar along the corner.

“We are going to have an 18-seat bar,” Snyder said. “The views will be unparalleled in the ski industry. To sit and have a cocktail or a beer and watch friends come down off that finishing run on Warm Springs.”

The restaurant service area is also being updated, with a new branch of the Konditorei opening in the lodge.

Rendering of the future Konditorei at Warm Springs. Image courtesy Sun Valley Resort 

“Right in the corner, we will now have the Konditorei Warm Springs. It’s a very popular restaurant with pastry products and coffee service – we are going to bring that out here to Warm Springs,” he said.

The new coffee service will serve skiers – but also locals and others who live on the Warm Springs side of town.

“Currently if you live out here, you have to drive into town to Starbucks or Konditorei or Atkinson’s to buy your coffee. We’re going to have it open early and the most popular items from the bakery.”

Crews are working to have everything wrapped up in time for the Christmas rush at Sun Valley.

 “An unfortunate situation has transformed into an excellent opportunity to improve upon an already beautiful venue,” Snyder said.

The resort is also opening new skiable terrain and a revamp of the Sun Valley Inn.