The new Bikes and Beans site on Vista Ave. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

Need a cup of joe?

How about a bike tune-up?

A new Boise Bench business hopes to help you with both.

Bikes and Beans opened at 1350 Vista Ave. this week – pumping up you up with caffeine and your bike tires with air.

“I came across the idea when I was doing mobile bike repair by bicycle,” founder Andrew Little told BoiseDev. “I found a lot of people were frequenting coffee shops, (and) as a cyclist I was as well.”

That nexus of spokes & espresso gave Little an idea.

“There was a strange overlap that I felt was there and wasn’t obvious. So for the next few years, I tested this theory during bike week and doing pop-ups in front of coffee shops.”

Little kept pressing along with his bit of design thinking research. Testing, iterating, learning.

“When I was convinced there was something there, I started looking for others that have had the same idea. Sure enough, I found stores with the same idea. So I traveled to sit down and have a face to face conversation.”

The shop is open 6am-10pm, with a full-service bike repair shop, plus specialty coffees and beans by the pound. The shop has seating for about 45 people.

And if you really like the idea, they’re looking for a mechanic.

“It has been an interesting journey of discovery,” Little said.

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