Photo of rendering courtesy Nathan Pickens

With the revised proposal for a 28-unit condo project on the former Jerry’s 27th St. Market site working its way through City of Boise’s process – another developer hopes to build another, larger, housing project right across the street.

Trout Architects held a neighborhood meeting Wednesday for a 70-unit apartment complex at 27th Street and Stewart Ave. in Boise.

According to materials shared at the meeting, the project would be four stories in height, with mostly one and two bedroom apartments. A commercial area of about 9,000 square feet is also planned along with a courtyard along Stewart and 27th.

The development would be faced along the two major streets, with a large internal parking lot behind between the building and existing homes – with spaces for more than 100 cars according to plans shared with neighbors. Ten of those spaces would be provided in a small parking garage. A designated bike parking area would also be provided.

“Approval of a height variance to forty-five feet and re-zoning of the proposed parcel will allow for the construction of a mixed-use commercial and residential apartment housing development,” Trout wrote in a letter to neighbors.

About two dozen people showed up for the presentation. A formal filing for the project has not yet been made with the City of Boise.

The project is being called Chausse Swan, which is also the name of a long-since-closed gravel company in Boise.

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  1. Incredible. Great to see this kind of density and mixed uses proposed… establishing a “neighborhood node” so to speak. Thanks for the news.

  2. I don’t think the Northenders will have much to say, they have never had much to say about that side of State Street. I don’t know why this type of development wouldn’t be considered it adds density near the City Core, 27th street, can handle the traffic, and the development improves the property dramatically. That being said 45 foot height is way out of character for this neighborhood. If I were on the approval board I would like the Density but hate the height. I would hope this one gets sent back to the drawing board to come up with something that isn’t 45 feet tall.

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