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Moxie, again: Old coffee drive through goes back to Moxie brand

Moxie Java was the coffee spot for Boiseans throughout the 1990s. But the brand has languished in recent years amidst increased competition and twists and turns (a trademark lawsuit over its name, a ‘bold new direction‘ that didn’t come to fruition, the chain being listed for sale, even a dispute over Costco distribution and milk that led do scads of local outlets dropping the Moxie brand and coffee.

The chain had more than 70 locations at its peak, but is now down to less than 20 – with just two in Boise where it started.

Some old Moxie locations rise back up. The location in the Hillcrest Shopping Center flipped from Moxie to Caffee Capri, back to Moxie for a short time – before finally transitioning to Strongline Espresso.

In Vista Village, the former Moxie also became Caffe Capri. It later rejoined Moxie and combined with a Blimpie outlet.

Now another old Moxie will come back to the fleet.

The small one-time Moxie drive-through kiosk on Overland Rd in front of Treasure Valley Community Television on Overland has been vacant since a Coffee Studio outlet closed last year.

The small 160-square-foot drive-through only outlet is being revamped and is set to again carry the Moxie stripes. A building permit has been issued – expect a (re)opening soon.

Don Day - BoiseDev Editor
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