Courtesy City of Meridian

The City of Meridian has rolled out a new tool to make it easier to find out about projects in your neighborhood.

The “Active Hearing Level Application Map” has a wonky name – but a nice simple use: visually see what projects are winding their way through city hall for approval.

Zooming into the area of Meridian Rd. and Interstate 84, for instance, shows the Tanner Creek subdivision project. Clicking for more information shows all the related documents for each project. (See our story on Tanner Creek here).

“Active projects are those development applications which have been formally submitted to the City but have not received final approval,” according to the city.

City spokesperson Kaycee Emery said the tool is “is intended to help the general public (and City staff) locate application information by its general area, without knowing the Name, Address, Project ID, or anything else.”


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