Skier Jim Carlson of Boise takes a break at Tamarack Resort in 2017, with the unfinished Tamarack Village Plaza in the distance. Photo: Joe Jaszewski for BoiseDev.

Jean-Piere Boespflug, the colorful developer of the Tamarack Resort in Valley County is back in the United States – living just next door in Washington State, according to court records obtained by BoiseDev.

In 2011, amid a crashing economy and bankruptcy proceedings for Tamarack, Boespflug missed a court hearing, and disappeared, according to an Associated Press story at the time.Boespflug has dual citizenship in the U.S. and France was thought to have been in Europe.

Then-Fourth Judicial District Judge Michael McLaughlin ordered his arrest, and “started the clock on fines of $5,000 a day that will continue until he shows up in court and turns over the documents.”

The judgment stemmed from a lawsuit by a group of banks including Credit Suisse and Bank of America after Boespflug defaulted on more than $250 million in loans in 2008.

UPDATE: Attorney TJ Angstman, chimed in on the BoiseDev Facebook page and said he is still counsel for Boespflug.

“There is no continuing judgment against JP,” Angstman wrote. “JP has frequently visited Idaho. Here he is at the eclipse ceremony at Tamarack.I do think ten years of exile is enough and five years after the judgment expired is not soon enough to let him slip into anonymity. There is no story here. Not a public person.”

Angstman said the warrant was “quashed five years ago.”

TJ Angstman/BoiseDev Facebook group

As we reported this morning, no warrant is associated with the case according to the Fourth Judicial District Clerk’s office. A call to the Valley County Prosecutor was not immediately returned.

An email toBoespflug seeking comment was also not returned. He hasn’t spoken to the media since 2010 according to a LexisNexis search of news sources.

In late 2016,Boespflug sued a long-time business partner in a North Carolina court. The complaint alleged Jean-Pierre was cut out of a number of business entities with partner Justin Barton dating back to the 1980s. The complaint was dismissed by the NC Business Court, but has now reached that state’s supreme court.

His troubles in Idaho were cited in the response to the complaint by Barton.

“But as Jean-Pierre’s personal real estate venture, an Idaho ski resort known as Tamarack, began to unravel he started transferring his interests in the investments entities away, first to Azure (Dolphin LLC, named as a palintiff in the suit), and then to his lawyers, Angstman-Johnson, PLLC. In 2011, Jean-Pierre disappeared, left the country in contempt of court and was wanted by authorities in Idaho. Jean-Pierre and Azure then refused to assist as the investment entities received demands from various lenders”

In his complaint, Jean Pierre says he is a resident of the State of Washington. According to property records, Jean Pierre’s wife Nancy owns a home on 127th Avenue in Newcastle, WA through a Wyoming shell company in her name. The home is valued at $664,000 according to King County, WA property records.

The resort in Valley County is stuck in a sort-of suspended animation after all these years. A large portion of the Village Plaza stands in a state of half-construction, the original Tyvek building wrapping still exposed to the elements a decade later.

The golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones, and once strolled by President George W. Bush is no longer maintained and now looks more like the Idaho wilderness than a manicured sporting venue.

The lifts willrun again this year, under the ownership of the Tamarack Homeowners’ Association. Accommodations in the Osprey Meadows Lodge and a variety of homes will be available.

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