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Snowflakes downtown! Why Christmas decorations are already popping up in Boise

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Downtown Boise is already getting into the holiday mood – with the large lighted Christmas snowflakes spanning city streets. And you might have noticed the ‘snow’ is spreading across more of downtown

They first started popping up last week, a function of the scheduling needs of installation crews, according to Downtown Boise Association Executive Director Lynn Hightower. But they won’t be powered up just yet.

“They will not be turned on until November,” Hightower said. “November’s First Thursday is often an unofficial start to people’s holiday shopping and celebration, so (they) should be on by that date.”

In 2015, just four intersections had the hanging holiday lights. But each year they have steadily increased the numbers, and this year ten intersections get the festive treatment – Bannock St. at 8th St. and Bannock at 9th St. are new.

Hightower said her team is also expanding the number of historic light poles wrapped in white lights, and even has even toyed with solar-powered lights in a few areas that don’t have power to the poles.

You’ve got 67 days to get your shopping done for Christmas!

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