Micron Technology just celebrated 40 years in business with a big celebration in front of the Idaho Statehouse last week.

Soon, executives at the company will be enjoying a newly-remodeled executive suite on the fourth floor of Building 17C on the Boise campus.

Permits with the City of Boise indicate the computer memory-maker is spending $1.32 million to revamp a 3,000 square foot space.  The project will revamp the existing space with new finishes, plumbing and the like.

It is part of a series of upgrades to the campus, including new bike storageupgraded cafeteria, new outdoor patio canopy, new skybridge, new signage, HVAC upgrades, a two-story gympower supply changesheck even whole new buildings.

The lobby of the executive building is also being revamped:

Via Micron.com.

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  1. Is it odd that major employers in Boise can lavish their profits on frills like this opulent, upgraded suite for its top executives … that the City of Boise can push “visions” like a $103 million events center/library, in which the taxpayers have no say (or for trendy street art that has to be scraped off the pavement when it quickly fails) … while there’s a growing homeless and home affordability crisis developing in this city, and when we lack even a modestly-funded bus system? I fully understand the difference between private sector spending and public sector taxation and all of the various ways money can and must be spent for competing priorities. But I also understand there seems to be a growing number of fundamental, basic civic needs in Boise that aren’t being adequately met … while we busy ourselves spending excessively for the latest trend and the glitziest bauble or trinket. Doesn’t “greatness” in a city come from promoting the “greatest good for the greatest number of people” … regardless of whether we ar running a city or managing a major corporation?

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