The Tram Trail rises up from Warm Springs Ave. and gives access to recreation. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev file

A new housing development in Boise is giving the Boise Parks & Recreation Department a chance to revamp access to a popular hiking trail in the Boise foothills.

The Tram Trailhead near the Warm Springs Golf Course gives hikers and cyclists access to Table Rock from the “back side,” and culminates in the former tram route used to bring rocks down from the Table Rock Quarry.

The trail has seen use increase in recent years, causing several safety problems along Warm Springs Ave. in the area.  The trail ends across the street from the Warm Springs Golf Course, which is owned by the City of Boise.

“This area is the confluence of the entrance to the city golf course, road traffic traveling with limited visibility, trail users parking and cyclists and pedestrians crossing Warm Springs Avenue to access Table Rock trails,” City of Boise Foothills & Open Space Superintendent Sara Arkle wrote in a report to the Parks & Rec. commission.

With the new Warm Springs Village project underway, a solution is in the works. The Tram Trail will be straightened out at the end and will soon meet Warm Springs Ave.  and a new sidewalk that will run along the new housing development. The Parks & Rec board has approved an easement with the new housing project to make this happen.

Then, with approvals, the Warm Springs Golf Course parking lot will be expanded and the entrance relocated to improve safety.  A new crossing across Warm Springs Ave. is also expected.  Both elements should be in place next spring.

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  1. Did I read that correctly, “over Warm Springs”? That would be a fantastic idea and should also be considered for multiple areas in downtown Boise.

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