Hey, did you know that Boise is a hot place to move these days? The writers behind the new ABC sitcom Single Parents do.

In the fourth episode of the show’s first season, “Graham,” played by Tyler Wladis is being bullied at school. He saw a butterfly and shed a tear and remarked on how beautiful life is.

Other kids noticed and started calling him “butterfly baby.”

Around the dinner table that night with his friends, he recounts the butterfly kerfuffle. Another character, “Rory,” played by Devin Trey Campbell teases his buddy.

“I keep telling you! Just move.”

Rory picks up his cell phone.

“Huh. Zillow says Boise is hot.”

Graham responds: “I don’t make sense in Idaho.”

Single Parents airs Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

(Thanks, Mago, for the tip!)

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