Startup business hopes to build splashy headquarters in Boise area in four years

HouseCheck hopes to disrupt the home inspection industry, and is using the Treasure Valley as its base of operations. A rendering of a hoped-for headquarters building was released by the company’s CEO this week with a 2022 ground breaking timeline

The company started in 2016 and plans to use an “Uber-like” model to change the dynamics of home inspections.

“We are rolling up 8,000 inspectors across the US,” CEO Dennis Conforto said, “Our tech and calling center will house about a thousand employees in the Boise area.”

Right now HouseCheck is based in a small building in Parma, but is moving into new offices in the Banner Bank Building in Downtown Boise.  Conforto says the business currently has about 50 employees but should ramp up quickly, which would make the large, splashy campus he envisions necesary.

“There are 28,000 (home) inspectors in the US,” he said. “We believe we can roll up 8,400 and do 80% of the inspection business int he United States. We will never get it all but we will get a number of them.”

He noted that buying a house is done without knowing what type of condition the home is in until after the fact. This can lead to stress for both the buyer and seller. He hopes HouseCheck can change that by providing a certification process similar to the certified pre-own system that has sprung up for used cars.

“We want people to know we are dedicated to Boise,” he said. “This is a service, a high tech, and a media company all at the same time. These types of companies end up in the Bay or Seattle. We are completely dedicated to Boise.”

Conforto said Boise is a “media market no one pays attention to. It’s not the city you would go to to start a company.” He said that apparent lack of notice will allow his business to grow quickly.

“We are building a very large scale. We have to get big very quickly or we will create our own competition.”

Conforto said Boise is a “sheltered place,” but called it a “fantastic place.”  He noted that HouseCheck is also stating a foundation dedicated to what he termed “battered women,” and said Idaho has more foundations and more giving per capita than any other state in the union.

“Starting a foundation and a corporation at the same time is something you never do,” he said. “We got away with it because we were in the right community.”

Conforto said many of the investors in HouseCheck are from the Boise area.

“Most investors are our investors because of HouseCheck Foundation,” he said.

The envisioned headquarters building does not have a site yet.

“We see it being somewhere between Nampa and by the airport. There’s a lot of blank property along the freeway,” he said. “The building is designed to reflect a modern version of Idaho. That includes the Sawtooth Mountains with the big, swooping roof, Crater National Park (sic) with the rock feature, McCall Lake (sic) with the water feature in the middle and the City of Trees with all the trees in the building.”

Conforto said the building will be a “very large investment,” and would sit on 25-30 acres with about 200,000 square feet to house the building’s hoped-for 1,000 employees.

“That building is going to be built on our earnings,” he said. “We are an unusual business. We don’t have any inventory and it’s all positive cash flow.”

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