Project would connect Greenbelt & Camel’s Back for cyclists

The Boise Greenbelt and Camel’s Back Park are two of Boise’s most iconic recreation playgrounds.

A new project would make it easier for people on a bike to get between the two endpoints, and destinations in between.

The Ada County Highway District hopes to build a bikeway along 11th Street that would start at River St and extend all the way through Downtown and the North End to Heron St.  It would connect with the existing Pioneer Pathway to provide access to the Boise River Greenbelt network.

11th Street runs next to or within a few blocks of Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, the Downtown Boise YMCA, Boise High School, the Boise Co-Op, Hyde Park and other destinations.

“The goal of the project is to prepare a concept design for a bikeway that will be comfortable for a wide range of ages and abilities to bike on,” ACHD wrote on its website announcing the project.

The idea of a bikeway, according to ACHD, is to provide a comfortable route for cyclists.

“A bikeway does not preclude vehicular travel but enhances the roadway character and experience for cyclists,” the agency wrote.

ACHD is asking for feedback on the project – you can weigh in here.


Courtesy ACHD



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