A new 11th Street Bikeway would connect to the existing Pioneer Pathway in Boise. Photo via City of Boise

The Boise Greenbelt and Camel’s Back Park are two of Boise’s most iconic recreation playgrounds.

A new project would make it easier for people on a bike to get between the two endpoints, and destinations in between.

The Ada County Highway District hopes to build a bikeway along 11th Street that would start at River St and extend all the way through Downtown and the North End to Heron St.  It would connect with the existing Pioneer Pathway to provide access to the Boise River Greenbelt network.

11th Street runs next to or within a few blocks of Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, the Downtown Boise YMCA, Boise High School, the Boise Co-Op, Hyde Park and other destinations.

“The goal of the project is to prepare a concept design for a bikeway that will be comfortable for a wide range of ages and abilities to bike on,” ACHD wrote on its website announcing the project.

The idea of a bikeway, according to ACHD, is to provide a comfortable route for cyclists.

“A bikeway does not preclude vehicular travel but enhances the roadway character and experience for cyclists,” the agency wrote.

ACHD is asking for feedback on the project – you can weigh in here.


Courtesy ACHD



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  1. I am all for bicycle transit development ( I’m a bicycle commuter) but this has me scratching my head. Why not just re-work 13th street, the main North End thoroughfare besides 15th and Harrison, into a more bicycle friendly road? It could certainly use it. 11th street seems off the beaten path. Can anyone weigh in on this?

    • ACHD’s Roadways to Bikeways plan was updated and approved by the ACHD Commissioners last winter often deferring to the “low stress” bicycle routes across the city that were mapped through many collaborative meetings and a lot of input from many people in the Boise Bicycle Boulevard Coalition and others. As I recall during that process 11th was one of those streets and as you can see in the map the excellent Pioneer Path already aligns with 11th, and 11th also already has bike lanes up to State St from Myrtle. So along with earlier plans that specified 11th, that is the background for the route.

      However the bottom line to be understood is that we as a community have given up on trying to add cycling infrastructure to roads that see high automobile traffic because it’s so contentious to car drivers and we don’t have the votes on the Commission to push back against the pro-automobile rancor — and 13th is definitely as a you noted one of the primary auto-centric corridors in the North End. Whereas 11th is a much lower hanging fruit as described in my above comments.

  2. Good to see this posted on here, Don. I believe these types of projects are the kind of quality of life projects that define Boise as opposed to all the parking garages seemingly going up on every corner.

  3. I live near Camels Back park and I bike regularly on 10th and 11th to the downtown area. As a regular cyclist commuter, I don’t see the benefit of building a build a bike path along 11th Street in the North End. 11th street is a safe place to bike today therefore, what problem are we trying to solve? My concern is we will create more problems by building a path in the North End neighborhood. Concerns such as congesting the side roads with parked vehicles, causing a negative impact on Boise High students to safely cross between buildings, and increasing traffic speed on 11th similar to 15th (if the plan includes removing stop signs). I am interested in learning more to understand the vision but at this time, I have several concerns about this proposal. Are there drawings that can be shared to help the community better understand the proposal?

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