Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, center, poses with Element CEO Johnny Schillereff (red) and other city officials and Element reps at a 2016 opening for Element 304 Americana. Photo via Element.

Element Skateboards made a big announcement about bringing its brand to Idaho, with a space next to Rhodes Park.

It didn’t last.

The company held a splashy grand opening, complete with skate demos, appearances by Boise’s mayor and lots of media coverage.

The grand opening of Rhodes Skatepark and Element 304 Americana in Boise, ID will go down as one of the best Element events in history! The mayor welcomed the Element team to the course including Nyjah, Westgate, Greyson Fletcher, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Chad Tim Tim and many more.

Element blog about the grand opening.But Element never obtained its permanent occupancy permit for the space at 304 S. Americana St. near the park. 

The Irvine, California-based brand announced it would renovate the building in 2016 for “an artist loft/showroom upstairs and a pop-up shop/community center,” but more than two years later the building is empty and the phone is disconnected. 

Instead, the company decided to move the operations it announced for Boise back to California, according to a source who declined to be named on the record.

A call to company CEO Johnny Schillereff was not answered. Calls to Element’s headquarters were not returned. 

A new filing for the building indicates another downtown Boise pizza shop, known as Americana Pizza, hopes to open in the lower level of the building. The small stand would offer take-out pizza according to the permit application.

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  1. No surprise there. Element = s**t products, s**t product support, s**t management, and s**t concern for their customers after the purchase. Let their lack of common courtesy (as evident by their lack of response to this article) be an example of how day to day operations are run. Hopefully they go back to California and go out of business or get bought out by owners who will turn the brand around for the better. Element used to be the status quo…that’s all but yesteryear now

  2. What is the usual reason for plans like these to fall through? Issues with the city or the permitting? Or is it typically just internal company decisions that cause them to rethink a big announcement like this?

    • From what I’ve heard about this particular case (probably a few degrees removed from the source, so take it with a grain of salt), internal company decisions are to blame. It seems that Johnny, the CEO, was out of step with the rest of Element leadership and was more or less required to walk back his plans to make Boise a more prominent part of their company.

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