Sue Howell Park
Sue Howell Park rendering via Stack Rock Group


  1. I appreciate the donation. I do, however, question whether so much grass, parking, “fitness” equipment, and a proprietary hybrid non-native tree path is the best use for some of the last black cottonwood habitat in Boise. This development will sever the important wildlife link between Hammer Flat and Barber Pool.

  2. I disagree with Josh Johnson. The area is currently mostly rock and has recently turned into an ATV and dirt bike hangout. This will be much better.

  3. A land donation is very generous but the impact on the City monies then kicks in to develop and maintain another park. The City has many other undeveloped land parcels designated as future parks of all different sizes throughout the City, of which some have been waiting to be completed for decades. Before any tax payer monies are allocated to this wholly new land parcel, the existing undeveloped parks should be completed in order for tax payer funded municipal services to be fair and equitably distributed, so that all Boise citizens have convenient access to this “most livable city in the country” element. The one exception would be the use of specific park impact fees collected directly from the southeast impact fee area.

  4. If someone “donates” a park, should they have to cover the related costs associated with title and closing, rather than the citizen taxpayers, since the donor will receive a tax deduction for this donation? The citizens did not solicit this donation so why should we pay the costs?

    From the 12-18-18 Interim Budget Changes:
    3. Parks & Recreation (Capital Fund) – Sue Howell Land Donation: $4,000 (one-time)
    Parks & Recreation requests approval for a $4,000 capital project and its corresponding expense appropriation for title and closing costs associated with the Sue Howell land donation, located at Warm Springs Avenue and Highway 21. The donation agreement outlining the Howell’s intent to donate approximately 8 acres of undeveloped land to the City of Boise will be presented to Council on December 18, 2018. This property will be developed as a public park. The proposed funding would come from the Capital Fund fund balance.

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