The Cartee mixed-use apartment project took another step forward this week as developer Local Construct seeks design review approval from the City of Boise for the project.

The building would be eight stories tall at 4th St. and Broad St. in Downtown Boise, just a block away from Local Construct’s recently-completed Fowler building.

[Project Tracker: The Cartee]

View from Myrlte St. Via Holst Architecture

What’s proposed

Here’s what the plans submitted to the City of Boise call for:

  • 163 apartment units across eight stories. A total of 33,895 square feet.
  • Parking for 183 cars in an integrated parking garage. This is 45 more than required.
  • Parking 171 bikes, including several indoor bike storage rooms.
  • A large retail space along Broad St. with space for an outdoor patio.
  • Seven two-story live/work units on the ground floor.
  • A mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartments, some with balconies.
  • A fourth-floor rooftop deck along 4th St.
  • White and grey color scheme highlighted with beige bricks.
Floorplan of the building’s 4th floor, where the ‘Z’ pattern begins. Via Holst Architecture

The top half the building forms a Z pattern.

“Cartee’s housing levels are broken down in scale with the use of a distinctive ‘Z’ massing. The design intent is to create a varied street experience with a strong presence at site corners that pulls back mid-block to express a lower, more pedestrian scale building,” the architect wrote in a letter asking for design review approval.

[Fowler developer plans similar residential/commercial project nearby]

The breakdown of how units will be priced is not part of the public filing.

CLARIFICATION: The City of Boise is sunsetting its downtown housing incentive program. An earlier version of this story noted the project could be eligible.

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Close up rendering of retail space. Via Holst Architecture


  1. Another great building from Local Construct, excellent to see the increased density to the City’s core. It’d be difficult to get at, but would fascinating to know how many residents in the Fowler, Afton, and other new condo/apt buildings… well how many are actually walking to jobs in the neighborhood. They sure are lucky to be within walking distance of three groceries, yet they all seem to have A LOT of parking! (some of which I know is intended to make the commercial spaces more viable).

  2. I’m glad to see apartments in the plan, rather than condos. You never see lights on in the big condo buildings, suggesting that most were purchased by wealthy people who do not live in them full time. Empty condos aren’t going to create a vibrant community of downtown residents; full apartments might.

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