It’s been a big year at BoiseDev, as this site shifted to full-time coverage of business news and growth in one of the fastest-growing parts of the country.

We’ve served up content to hundreds of thousands of users, broke hundreds of stories and worked hard to keep our focus on our audience. Plus, the site hit its first membership goal for year-end 2018 (with a long way still to go in 2019 – join now)! BoiseDev is the most-visited business news site in Idaho, thanks to you.

The list of most-read stories on this site is as eclectic as the everyday editorial coverage: store closures, big breaking business news, analysis and more.

Here’s some of what resonated this year:

Boise hospital closes, another moves in

Our most-read story of the year is an exclusive we dug up in January: an advanced-care hospital on Franklin Rd. in Boise shut its doors and shed more than 100 employees. It was the biggest layoff in Idaho since 2016. The next week we reported that a Meridian psych hospital would take its place.

C is for cookie

Courtesy Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love a fresh, hot chocolate chip cookie? In May, we found out Chip Cookies would open a bakery and delivery service based in Downtown Boise. Nom nom nom.

Chain department store to say goodbye

Just last week we let you know Shopko would be shutting down its store on Fairview Ave. near Boise Towne Square. The retailer has been slowly shrinking its Treasure Valley presence in recent years, after closing a store in Meridian in 2016.

Bye bye, burger. Hello, burger

Boise has lost its fair share of classic burger joints in recent years – but many were upset in January to find out Burger Time on Orchard would close its doors. But this fall, the restaurant reopened – with the same name but a new Hawaiian-infused menu (and different owners).

A new life for Tamarack?

Skier Jim Carlson of Boise takes a break at Tamarack Resort in 2017, with the unfinished Tamarack Village Plaza in the distance. Photo: Joe Jaszewski for BoiseDev.

Acting on a tip, we spent months trying to unravel the future of Tamarack Resort, while a new owner worked to secure assets. In November, BoiseDev broke word of the resort’s sale to Imperium Blue – and featured an in-depth interview with the new owner and resort manager.

Stadium debate boils over

While still in California, I watched a stream of Greenstone Properties representative Geoff Wardle facing down an angry crowd in a parking lot. I was dismayed at the scene – and in an analysis piece, I called the whole thing ‘ugly’. A few months later the developer bailed on the proposed Americana and Shoreline site – and despite months of effort doesn’t have another site secured.

Plan for a stadium that won’t be built

To date, BoiseDev has written more than 30 stories on the stadium project dating back to 2016. In April we posted the first detailed renderings of the Americana and Shoreline site, a few months before the project was called off.

Boise’s growth is just the start

I spent the first part of the year writing BoiseDev from afar – in California – as part of a Stanford Fellowship. That bit of distance made reporting a bit tough, but gave perspective on some of the growth challenges (seeing how growth has impacted the Bay Area will give anyone pause). After a highly-visible HuffPost piece about growth, I wrote about how that population increase and challenges that come along with it have only started.

Big new store for Boise’s hometown grocer

The new Albertsons on Broadway. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

Boise is an odd hotbed for the grocery industry, with both Albertsons and WinCo calling the area home base. In July, Albertsons opened its doors to BoiseDev for the very first public tour. We posted tons of photos and details about the new flagship store and its focus on fresh and local. Another, even larger, Albertsons on Meridian Rd. (in one of those closed up Shopko spots) will open early in 2019.