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Burgers & a bar to join Kount at 10th & Main

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Renovations to the Kount building at 10th and Main will soon host a burger joint and bar, according to filings with the City of Boise.

The corner retail space will be home to Good Burger + The Drop – adding a bar to the established Good Burger concept up and running at Boise Towne Square and the Boise Spectrum.

The 1,462 square foot space will host a small kitchen, seating area and bar function with seating for about 60 diners. Fold up doors will give access to an outdoor patio space.

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Good Burger’s menu centers on burgers, naturally. Varieties like Jalapeño and OKC Onion top the list. A smaller burger called the Nick Jr. nods to the 1997 movie that shares the restaurant’s Good Burger name featuring Nickelodeon stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

Chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, grilled cheese and salads are also offered.

Construction on the space is underway. It will sit next to a small grocery store set to be called Bodega Boise along Main St.

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