Village at Meridian
The fountains at the Village at Meridian. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

An update to a story on the closing of Z Gallerie first featured on BoiseDev earlier this week.

CenterCal Village at Meridian General Manager Hugh Crawford confirmed to BoiseDev Columbia Sportswear would take over the space in the village core area.

“We came to an agreement with Z Gallerie to terminate their lease so we could bring in Columbia Sportswear,” Crawford said. “We will begin construction on the new Columbia store next week for a late Spring opening.”

A news release in August initially said Columbia would take a pad space near Cafe Zupas.

Several calls to Z Gallerie in Los Angeles remain unreturned.

Columbia has just 11 brand-owned across the country – including two in Portland where it is based and one in Seattle. It also operates dozens of factory oulet stores – but neither variety currently is in Idaho.

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