Yen Ching
Yen Ching in Boise has applied to upgrade its bar

It seems like we’ve heard more about mainstay Boise restaurant closing in recent months than just about anything else. (RIP Piper, sayonara Shigé).

But one stalwart is sticking around – and making improvements.

Yen Ching at 9th St. and Bannock St. has applied to demolish its current bar and bakery area and build a new bar.

The building permit is valued at $172,000 and would upgrade restroom facilities as well.

According to filings, the upgrade will provide “a bar that will also serve small plates from the Yen Ching kitchen.”

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Yen Ching was founded in 1986. The restaurant branched out to a number of locations, including Boise Towne Square, Boise Spectrum and Nampa each of which has subsequently closed. The Chou family continues to own and operate the Downtown Boise eatery.

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