It seems we’re in the midst of a bit of a car wash boom in recent years. Names like Epic Shine and Rocket Express are popping up alongside old standbys like Mister.

Now, two more brands are coming to the market – one you might be familiar with.

A pair of Bluebirds

Bluebird Car Wash plans a pair of facilities this year – one in Boise and one in Meridian – both along Overland Rd.

The Boise site is at Overland and Bird St. in front of the new Idaho Humane Society campus and would feature the standard car was tunnel plus a series of parking stalls equipped with self-service vacuums according to filings.

The Meridian wash is planned for Overland Rd. near Eagle Rd.

Bluebird Car Wash
Rendering of planned Blue Bird Car Wash

“We are simultaneously preparing (both sites) for a fast deployment to the market,” Bluebird Car Wash Operating Partner John Michael Fery said. “The two sites will be staggered slightly but we are running full steam ahead knowing that one of them will likely run slightly slower due to City approvals or construction schedule. “

Fery said his group anticipates deploying at least two more locations in the next two years.

Fery is a partner in the Metro Express car wash in Denver, with that company’s founder Bill Martin.

Speaking of which…

Metro Express returns to Treasure Valley

Metro Express Car Wash built up a string of three self-service washes in the area under the ownership of Martin,before he sold the facilities to Mister Car Wash in 2013.

In October of last year, Martin and his family purchased a Jacksons Car Wash location on Overland at Locust Grove, bringing back the brand to local streets.

“We are very excited to add this location and its outstanding team to our portfolio,” Derek Martin with Mero Express said.

He said Jacksons is mostly in the convenience store and fuel business in the Treasure Valley. Jacksons acquired the Overland Rd. car wash when it bought out the Fast Eddy’s chain.

[Fast Eddys fuel, food and car wash to rise again]

“John Jackson and our founder Bill Martin have had a long time professional relationship, so John approached us with the deal to purchase and integrate the location into the Metro Express family,” Derek Martin said.

Metro Express also expands to expand its Treasure Valley presence.

Fery and Martin said the Bluebird and Metro Express businesses in the Treasure Valley are separate, despite past ties.

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  1. “In October of last year, Martin and his family purchased a Jacksons Car Wash location on Overland at Maple Grove, bringing back the brand to local streets.”

    Don, do you mean the car wash at the Jackson’s (formerly Fast Eddy’s) at Overland and Locust Grove?

    Because while I would love if the Suds Car Wash behind Jacksons at Overland and Maple Grove got updated and started taking credit cards, my understanding is that it is not associated with the Jacksons at that corner. I wash my boat down there and it takes me a few solid pocketfuls of quarters.


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