Where business news starts in Boise

Where business news starts in Boise.

All of Boise’s laws are being repealed. Here’s why

The City of Boise is working on a project to revamp and update its entire city code. The move will make a series of changes to the laws in the city.

To do it, the entire Boise City Code will be replaced with a new version in coming months.

“It’s going to make our code more accessible,” City of Boise Director of Communications Mike Journee said. “It’s going to allow us to update it and make it more compatible with other entities in the area.”

Joining other Idaho cities

The city contracted with Sterling Codifiers of Coeur d’Alene to review, update and clean up the existing city code. Other local governments, including Ada County, Eagle, Meridian and Nampa have worked with Sterling to complete a similar process. Boise would be the 100th municipality or county in Idaho to use Sterling.

The company will host an official online copy of the laws of the city and also provide hard copies.

During a pre-council meeting in December, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter expressed enthusiasm for the project. He said the written version in his office is full of pages stuffed in.

“I certainly didn’t know what we were in for here,” Bieter said. “I prefer to have the written code in book form. It’s easier for me to navigate. The one that was in the mayor’s office literally just had pages jammed into it.”

A moratorium on any new changes to Boise City Code went into effect in September, but will be lifted once the project is complete.

Journee said the partial shutdown of the Federal Government has put some uncertainty on when the project will be ready to go live.

“There are some more things we need to do with law enforcement agencies, especially at the Federal level to make sure it’s compliant. The shutdown could impact that and we aren’t sure what the timeline looks like right now.

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Code changes

Some changes bring the city more into line with state and federal law. One particular change combines two code sections into a new, more simple piece of code.

“We had a chapter that was called curfew for minors and another one that was called regulations for minors. We combined that into a new section that is just ‘minors,'” Jamie Heinzerling with the city’s Department of Finance and Administration said.

A few of the other updates, detailed in the proposed new version of code:

  • Changes to the administration code to reflect changes to city departments and line it up with state code
  • Update alcohol beverages chapter to add language to comply with state code
  • Updating sidewalk cafe language to update requirements
  • Amend the private security chapter to require background checks on event security staff
  • Updates and streamlines business licensing processes
  • Changes to the taxicab ordinance
  • Changes to childcare ordinance
  • Updating prohibited behaviors on the Boise River
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