Auditorium district appoints new member

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The Greater Boise Auditorium District appointed a new member to its board during a special meeting Thursday afternoon.

Former member Steve Berch resigned in December to take a seat in the Idaho Legislature. A call went out for applicants to fill the open seat – and just a single application came in the door.

The board appointed that applicant, Jody Olson, a lawyer with Hawley-Troxell law firm in Boise. Olson previously served as a vice president with Trus Joist. He also held the position of chairman of the board for the Public Employees Retirement System of Idaho, the agency that administers the pension fund for public employees.

Olson will serve in Berch’s place until the auditorium district holds elections on May 19, 2019, when the seat would be up for its normal election. He joins Jim Walker, Hy Kloc, Kristin Muchow and Peter Oliver on the board. Walker’s seat is also up for election this May.

GBAD is primarily responsible for the Boise Centre convention center in Downtown Boise, and is funded through a 5% tax on hotel room revenues within its boundaries.

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