Buses line up on Main St. in Boise. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

Valley Regional Transit launched a revamped schedule Monday – making tweaks to more than a dozen routes.

The City of Boise added funding to the pot to up service on the State St. and Vista Ave. routes – with buses now stopping by every 15 minutes during peak commute times. The routes also now run later – until 9:15pm.  Service on the weekend is also now extended, to 30-minute frequency from hourly.

Via VRT, here’s a full list of the changes it made:

  • Fifteen-minute service on 9 State Street during peak hours (currently 30 minutes), and 30-minute all-day service on Saturdays (currently one hour)
  • Fifteen-minute service on 3 Vista during peak hours (currently 20 minutes) and 30 minutes midday and evenings (currently 40 minutes) and extend the hours of operation to 9:15PM (currently 6:30PM)
  • Improved connections to the Boise Airport by extending the 2 Broadway and 4 Roosevelt.
  • Improved access to developing sections on Franklin Rd in Nampa and Overland Road in Meridian
  • Improved connections between downtown Boise and Chinden and Garden City
  • Improved on-time performance on local and intercounty services
  • More direct service on routes serving the North End in Boise, South East Boise, Hill Road, Warm Springs, Emerald, and Overland Road
  • Piloting first/last mile transit connections to the State Street and Fairview corridors with Lyft (a taxi-like service)
  • Close the 2019 budget shortfall in Nampa

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  1. These are largely excellent changes. We should commend Valley Regional Transit and the City of Boise for introducing improvements and increasing fhe frequency of service on high-demand routes like State Street and Vista. Now, if Boiseans would simply get out of their cars … if even for just one day a week, or two days a month … and try fhe bus. Better air during winter inversions and summer heat waves just might result in this car-centric city.

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