Ahead of design review, new 3rd & Myrtle project takes shape

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The River Caddis project at 3rd St. and Myrtle St. in Boise is beginning to step into the public light.

GGLO and Broad St. LLC are working to build an 8-story mixed-use project on a largely vacant block just south of the Ada County Courthouse.

The project would bring significant parking, residential and some retail to the area.

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The first floor would feature space for a cafe with outdoor seating along 3rd St., and commercial along Broad St. facing CSHQA. It would also have offices for the residential component of the building. The second, third and fourth floors would primarily serve for car parking. The fifth floor is set for apartments as well as a fitness center and landscaped rooftop courtyard. The sixth, seventh and eight floors would contain additional residential units.

In their application to the city, designers said they hope the project will link Julia Davis Park with the newly revamped Broad St. area.

“The 3rd and Myrtle project seeks to bridge the gap between these two areas through landscape and human scale places of congregation,” the application said. “The language of landscape and nature is brought across W Myrtle St and mirrored in the exterior of the garage massing.”

Along 3rd St., a series of large planters is expected with the ability to plant trees with large canopies.

In all, the project would have 174 residential units. It would have 413 parking spaces and storage for 192 bikes. The excess parking is expected to serve needs for other buildings in the area, including the Ada County Courthouse project nearby.

The project is set for a design review hearing Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at Boise City Hall.

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