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New downtown retailers planned after Brownfield’s building revamp shelved

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The owner of the old Brownfield’s building at 5th and Idaho had hoped to revamp and expand the building into a new mixed-use project.

The project went before Boise’s Historic Review Design commission where it failed to win the approval it need to move forward. The decision was appealed to Boise City Council which overturned the denial early last year that would have allowed the project to move forward.

Then, the Brownfield family which owned the building changed course, and decided to sell the property. A new, unrelated company known as Boise Brownfield LLC bought both the old Brownfield’s building, but two parcels behind it along Idaho St., giving it control of the entire half block.

Retail, for now

Instead of a complete revamp, the building will instead soon host four small retail shops, according to Holly Chetwood with Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate.

“It’s a great location with parking,” she said. “In terms of downtown retail rates it’s much more attractive to small businesses” due to its lease rates which are lower than many other spots. She also noted the new Gibson project across the street bringing energy to the block.

Boise House of Flowers plans to relocate to the building from its current spot near St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center. Boise Mac Repair will also move in from another spot nearby. Chetwood said one other tenant is expected to sign a lease soon, leaving just one small spot left.

“It hasn’t been on the market that long, it’s been filling quickly which is kind of exciting,” she said.

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