Foothills School of Arts & Sciences
The Foothills School of Arts & Sciences in Boise will soon move from this warehouse-style building near the Boise Library. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev file
Boise Library Expansion

The Foothills School of Arts & Sciences will leave its long-time home on 8th St. near the Boise Public Library soon. The building is earmarked for a potential parking garage and mixed-use development tied to the large-scale library rebuild.

But the school won’t be wandering too far. In a letter to parents and members of the school’s community, Foothills leaders announced a new home two blocks away.

“It is our distinct pleasure to announce that Foothills School of Arts & Sciences has successfully purchased the building and properties at 601 South 9th Street as a permanent home for our school,” Board Chair Jennifer Swartz and Head of School Nick Cofod wrote.

Swartz & Cofod noted that a continued downtown location was key to many of the school’s programs and traditions.

“For more than twenty years, students have ventured out into the community to institutions like Boise Art Museum, Idaho Black History Museum, State Capitol, City Hall, The Cabin, Anne Frank Memorial, Main Library, Interfaith Sanctuary, Julia Davis Park, and local restaurants as part of the tradition of lunch out.”

The letter said they have purchased the 601 S. 9th property. Volante Investments, LLC currently owns the building. According to Idaho State Historical Society records, the building first popped up in 1912 to serve the Mutual Creameries. It served as one of the homes of the Sage Charter School before it consolidation into the former ParkCenter Mall.

Foothills said a “significant gift” from the JA & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation made the purchase possible.

The school will continue in its current 8th St. location for the rest of the school year, and will begin work on layout and design of the 9th St. location.

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