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Ahead of Boise library rebuild project, ad campaign hits the airwaves

Boise Library Expansion

An ad campaign is on the air touting the Boise Public Library.

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The campaign launched January 26th and will continue through April, according to an advertising contract obtained by BoiseDev through a public records request. It is the first such campaign in at least three years, according to the records.

“It has been a while since we had a program like that,” City of Boise Communications Director Mike Journee said.

He noted that the debate over the buildout of a new main library campus has stirred conversation in the community.

“The city hasn’t been in a position to defend the library in the way we are now,” he said.

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He also noted that there has been turnover in the library communications manager position in recent years, leaving functions like advertising off the priority list.

Ads on the airwaves

The city is spending nearly $20,000 to run the 30-second radio spots. Listeners will hear them on a wide swath of local stations. The buy includes country stations like KQFC and Kissin’ 92.3 as well as rock stations like The X and The Eagle. Underwriting credits are also airing on Radio Boise and Boise State Radio.

In all, more than 2,400 ads will air this winter and spring. The campaign targeted to adults 25-64.

Boise Public Library Communications Manager Holly Funk reached out to a local advertising agency owner early this year.

“We are at the start of an awareness campaign and would like to get media started as soon as we can,” Funk wrote Kelly Amos with Communications Et Al. After an in-person meeting, Funk told Amos, “leadership would like to be as aggressive as we can.”

94.9 The River morning host Ken Bass voices the radio ads.

Ad touts many library facets

“No longer limited to books alone, the 21st century library is a modern, dynamic gathering place that improves lives and builds community. At the Boise Public Library a lifelong love for learning ignites with a child’s first story time. Entrepreneurs bring innovative ideas to life in high-tech maker spaces. It’s a place for seeking information and discovering wisdom. Always free and open to the public, the library provides something for everyone. Discover more at BoisePublicLibrary.org/Community.”

Ad copy running on commercial radio stations

The campaign comes as the city works to fit the project’s vision with its stated budget. A citizen group is pushing the idea of a voter initiative on the library project and possible public contributions to a separate downtown stadium concept. The Idaho legislature is also considering a bill that would require a citizen vote to use urban renewal funds for projects like the library, a mechanism the city is considering for the project.

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