Former restaurant to be revamped for job skills training

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TRACE – Training, Rehabilitation and Career Evaluation will revamp an old k restaurant and bar on State St. in Boise.

After a remodel, the building at 3000 N Lakeharbor Ln. will be home to a job skills training program for people with disabilities. It formerly housed The Drink, Montego Bay and other food and drink businesses.

Crews will remodel both the ground floor restaurant and a portion of the second story for training facilities and office space. The restaurant space has been vacant for several years.

“We use an installation training model,” Cheryl L. Harris, president of Trace, Inc. said in an application letter. “For example, if a disabled person wanted to learn about hotel room housekeeping, we will create a hotel room installation in the open training space on the main level. We might bring in an area rug, a bed to put on the area rug and two night stands. The installation would be used to teach bed-making skills, dusting skills, and vacuuming skills. When the training is complete, the installation would be removed and a new installation put in its place.”

The 9,549 square foot remodel is expected to cost more than $635,000 according to permit filings with the City of Boise. The docks on the waterfront will no longer be accessible to the public or clients of TRACE.

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