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Boise Hawks president on Downtown stadium: We’re in it for the long haul

Boise Hawks president Jeff Eiseman appeared on KTIK-FM, 93.1 The Ticket Wednesday afternoon to talk about the progress of the Boise Sports Park.

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A bill that could make it harder for urban renewal agencies to provide financing for projects like the Boise Sports Park passed the Idaho House Revenue & Taxation Committee Wednesday. In addition BoiseDev broke news that Agon Sports’ sister company Greenstone Properties bought its first parcel in Boise’s west downtown area.

“It certainly isn’t helpful,” Eiseman told hosts Tom Scott and Mike Prater. “This is something that has been politicized during a municipal election year.”

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He said Greenstone will keep working on the project and trying to clear hurdles to make it a reality. He said he feels like opposition figures are putting a “lot of money” behind their effort.

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“I think they think they will make it too expensive for us. I mean, yeah, there is some truth to that,” he said on KTIK’s Idaho Sports Talk. “But we stay in the fight. I don’t think we are planning on going away.”

He said if the legislation passes, Greenstone and Agon may have to recalibrate.

“We may have to regroup and figure out what the impact of the passage of this bill means, and figure out how to finance this project with that in place,” he said. “But this is something we want to do for the Treasure Valley, and for the Boise Hawks and the community.”

He said the project is “basically privately financed, but using public participation to make sure it can be privately bonded.” He said it utilizes the tax increment financing “that’s available in most communities.”

He said those opposed to the project are a vocal minority.

“It’s unfortunate that there are people that don’t like it, and I get it. I think there are more people who do like it, but they don’t always come out and vote.”

He wouldn’t comment to Scott and Prater about where the project would go or how it would be configured, but said it could be similar in general theme to the previously proposed concept at Americana and Shoreline.

Boise Sports Park rendering
Boise Sports Park rendering

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