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ACHD is going to move part of Orchard St. and wants your input

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The Ada County Highway District is looking to realign Orchard St. south of Interstate 84.

Right now, the north-south street meanders like a meandering stream from the freeway until it meets up with Gowen Rd. But highway planners could revamp the alignment to straighten up and meet with a newly-extended Lake Hazel Rd.

BoiseDev first reported on the possible changes last September in our deep dive on the Boise Airport expansion. Now, ACHD is taking feedback on the possible change.

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The proposed alignment matches the layout mentioned in the airport master plan document, and would shift the road to the west, aligning it with a variety of industrial uses over the site of a former 9-hole golf course.

The highway district wants the public’s feedback on how the project should be shaped – including connections to side streets and the “cross section” of vehicle lanes, sidewalks and bike lanes.

The survey asks users to rank priorities like traffic flow, pedestrian/bike connectivity, safety and cost. It open until April 15th.

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