Nearly a thousand new housing units planned near Julia Davis Park, downtown

In the past two years, developers applied for six different residential properties in a ten block area in Downtown. Four of those projects stepped into the light just since the begining of the year.

The boom in applications could foreshadow a flurry of building activity that could remake a prominent portion of Downtown Boise as it borders Julia Davis Park and the Boise River.

In all, more than 900 new places for people to live could shoot up. All but 96 of the new pads are slated to be condos, with the rest, 816, slated for apartment living.

BoiseDev Project Tracker

  • 270 E. Myrtle apartments

  • 600 W. Front

  • Boise Caddis

  • 5th and Broad towers

  • The Cartee

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Along with the development will come a significant influx of parking capacity. As designed, the projects would add 1,471 vehicle spots. All but one of the projects plans an integrated parking garage. Just one, the 600 W. Front project, includes no parking – but is right next door to a large 600-space parking garage currently under construction.

The projects, in some cases, benefit from inclusion inside an urban renewal district – with money for streetscapes and infrastructure upgrades. Several of the projects sit along Broad St., a project the Capital City Development Corporation put money into to make it what they called “Boise’s coolest street.”

None of the proposed projects will benefit from a prior program from the city of Boise that provided a credit of $1,000 per unit for downtown housing. That program expired last year.

Here are details on each of the projects, with links to full cover in the BoiseDev Project Tracker.

600 W. Front

  • Location: 6th St. & Front St., current BizPrint location
  • Developer: Visum Development Group
  • Stories: 8
  • Type: Apartment
  • Units: 72
  • Features: Dog wash, ground floor retail spaces
  • Vehicle parking: 0
  • Bike parking: 75
  • Status: Permitting

5th & Broad

  • Location: 5th St. & Broad St., empty lots
  • Developer: Scot Ludwig
  • Stories: Two buildings. North: 11 stories, South: 9 stories
  • Type: Condo, office
  • Units: 24
  • Features: Buildings connected by a skybridge over Broad St.
  • Vehicle parking: 273
  • Bike parking: unknown
  • Status: Approved, on hold

The Cartee

  • Location: 4th St. & Broad St.
  • Developer: LocalConstruct
  • Stories: 8
  • Type: Apartments
  • Units: 163
  • Features: Retail space, rooftop deck
  • Vehicle parking: 183
  • Bike parking: 171
  • Status: Permitting

3rd & Myrtle

  • Location: 3rd St. & Myrtle St.
  • Developer: GGLO, River Caddis Properties
  • Stories: 7
  • Type: Apartments
  • Units: 174
  • Features: Ground floor retail, rooftop courtyard, fitness center. Garage condo to be purchased by Ada County for adjacent courthouse use
  • Vehicle parking: 413
  • Bike parking: 192
  • Status: Proposed

270 E. Myrtle

  • Location: Ave. A & Myrtle St.
  • Developer: Collegiate Development Group
  • Stories: 7
  • Type: Apartments
  • Units: 243
  • Features: Rooftop deck, retail space
  • Vehicle parking: 366
  • Bike parking: 313
  • Status: Proposed

Park Place Apartments

  • Location: Park Blvd. near Broadway Ave.
  • Developer: Gardner Co.
  • Stories: 5
  • Type: Apartments
  • Units: 236
  • Features: Pcourtyardscoutryards
  • Vehicle parking: 356
  • Bike parking: Unknown
  • Status: Proposed
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