Smelly alley near Downtown Boise bars set to get a makeover

Another Downtown Boise alley will get a spruce up. This time it’s the stretch of pavement behind many Boise bars.

It’s the latest alley to get an upgrade, as CCDC, the Downtown Boise Association, landowners and the City of Boise try to upgrade the space behind buildings. It is part of an overall effort to increase the amount of usable public space in the core area.

The so-called “Block 7” runs behind Hannah’s, Brickyard, Bardenay, Leku Ona and Tom Grainey’s between Capitol Blvd. & 6th St. The area sees high use from all the service businesses and will get a different treatment than other areas. Instead of permeable brick pavers used in the Union Block alley and elsewhere, Block 7 will use colored and textured concrete.

“We decided to go with a patterned concrete without pavers,” CCDC’s Matt Edmond said. “It gets a lot of traffic and they do pressure washing on it that might not hold up so well well with pavers”

New overhead string lights hung from tension wires will brighten the area at night. They will be hung on tension wires and can be adjusted.

A hodgepodge of trash bins across the alley will be consolidated, screened behind a new enclosure instead of out in the open.

CCDC will put the project out to bid and hopes to have it constructed this summer and complete by fall.

CCDC budgeted $400,000 for the project.

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