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Downtown short and medium-term condo rental project denied, appealed

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BoiseDev first reported on the proposal for an 18-unit condo project at Idaho St. and 18th St. in January. Developers revealed new details on the proposal – and are now appealing a denial by Boise’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

“The company leases short and longer term properties in the Treasure Valley. Their tenants include short term rentals for corporate clients who have employees visiting the Boise area and want to provide a more home-like experience than what a hotel or motel could provide,” Mussell Construction wrote on behalf of the application, Cinco Talentos.

Project denied

City of Boise staff recommended approval of the Tibbs Condos after review. But after hearing testimony, commissioners voted to reject the project.

This empty lot could be the site of 18 condos if the City of Boise gives its approval. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

“We want residents that are able to contribute and participate in the community and help, because that’s something that the community really values,” Nicole Windsor with the West Downtown Neighborhood Association said. “And (this project) basically kind of pulling from the neighborhood, getting all the good things from our neighborhood, but not much in return.”

The planning and zoning commission voted 5-0 to deny the project. It directed staff to update its findings of fact, and gave this as the reason for turning it down:

“The proposed planned unit development, and its intended use as short-term rentals, is incompatible with the adjacent single-family residences in the neighborhood. The applicant’s proposal would operate more as a lodging use than multi-family residences, which introduces the potential for issues associated with traffic and parking.”

Next up: appeal

This month, Cinco Talentos appealed the decision to the Boise City Council.

“We believe the proposed use is compatible with the adjacent single-family residences int he neighborhood,” Mussell Construction wrote in the appeal. “Unlike lodging-based uses, tenants would sign lease agreements and stay multiple months in most cases. The units are intended to be usable as either medium-term or long-term residences.”

A hearing date for the appeal is not yet set.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed the appeal email to a City of Boise staff member.

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