Oregon marijuana shop owners want to open CBD shop in Boise mall


Justin Long and his wife Jenny Long just opened a new CBD shop in Ontario, OR last month. According to 670 KBOI, they also hope to add one in Boise Towne Square.

But it’s far from a done deal.

The Longs opened the Golden Nugget CBD store in Ontario on April 13th according to the Malheur Enterprise.

They also own a marijuana dispensary and coffee shop in Sumpter, a small town in Baker County.

Justin Long told KBOI he was ‘just waiting to hear back’ from Boise authorities and mall officials are on board.

“The Mall’s position was quite clear, if it’s signed off on by the Prosecutor or the BPD, that they didn’t have a problem with it,” Long told KBOI.

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No Boise Towne Square deal in place

But Darren Howard with mall owner Brookfield Properties, said no lease is signed and no decision is made.

“This particular entity has been in contact with our leasing team but just as BPD and the City of Boise are vetting this use, I too, am also going through a process to see if this is the right fit at the right time,” Howard told BoiseDev.

He said CBD shops are opening in some of Brookfield’s 161 centers across the country. A decision on such a store in the Boise property will be made with local needs in mind.

“Ultimately I will do what’s best for the center which boils down to evaluating if our shoppers really will benefit from this use or if the demand isn’t there yet,” he said.

BPD would not sign off

A Boise Police Department spokesperson said such approval isn’t something they would put forward.

“We don’t sign off on any type of business like this,” Boise Police Department public information officer Haley Williams said. “BPD has not given the Golden Nugget any type of approval or opinion.”

She said the department would get involved on the backside if the business opened and a complaint came in.

“If there is a reported problem with a particular product that someone is selling, we can investigate that report and will work with the prosecutor to determine what laws apply, if any, based on the results of the investigation,” Williams said.

CBD, THC and Idaho law

The Enterprise said the Longs’ Ontario shop offers items like hard candies, capsules, dog treats and other items. KBOI reports the Boise store would only sell products with 0% tetrahydrocannabinol. THC, as it is known, is the psychoactive substance found in marijuana. CBD products are made from hemp, a genetic relative of marijuana that has low or no THC.

A 2015 opinion from the Idaho Attorney General said to be legally allowed, CBD products “cannot contain ‘any quantity’ of THC.” Otherwise, they would be considered controlled substances.

A separate business has worked to open a CBD shop in Garden City, but has not received approval from that city.

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