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You asked: Answers to questions about new Ann Morrison dog island

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Earlier this week, we let you know about a new dog island in Ann Morrison Park.

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Several of you had questions — and BoiseDev as a reader-focused service went to get answers.

We checked in with Bonnie Shelton, the communications manager for Boise Parks & Recreation. She consulted with Toby Norton who is managing the project to help answer the common questions we saw.

What about escape-artist swimming dogs?

Several folks were concerned about a potentially frantic issue: Your dog gets in the water on the island, swims over and jumps out on the far side and runs off.

“The sides of the pond have been designed as vertical walls that are not conducive to dogs getting in or out,” Shelton said. On the island side, crews placed two ramps to help dogs getting in and out of the water. She also notes “dog owners should have their pets under voice control.”

Will the water get gross again?

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As we reported, Parks & Rec dredged the water to clean it up. But some folks worried it would start to deteriorate again.

“Water will continuously flow through the area and that will help with water quality,” Shelton said. The dogs themselves will actually help the water quality, according to Shelton. How? “Having dogs on the island will also help minimize the number of geese,” she said.

The pond will need dredging in the future, and workers will monitor to see how often it might need more cleanup.

Will this impact cross country meets?

High school cross country runners have used the island in the past. Shelton said they will still be able to do so – just staging a bit further east, on the other side of a fence that subdivides the island.

“Some race routes may need to be adjusted, but our team will work with schools to accommodate them,” Shelton said.

What about the disc golf course?

Ann Morrison is home to an extensive disc golf course. Parks and Recreation worked together with the disc golf course association, according to Shelton.

“Part of this project is installing three new tee pads for them in the eastern section of the park,” she said. “Players were integral in helping inform the redesign of the course and setting up new disc golf holes.”

Thanks to community members for the questions on this story. You can always drop a note to don@boisedev.com with story questions.

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