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American Ostrich Farms hopes to replace beef with birds

Have you ever eaten ostrich? An Idaho-based company is touting the birds as an alternative to beef. In fact, it says the taste is “like a filet mignon, but better.”

It says ostrich can make a big dent in climate change.

“Pound for pound, ostriches produce far more red meat per acre than any other livestock, require a third of the fresh water, contribute a small fraction of the greenhouse gases as cattle, and can be efficiently farmed while putting the welfare of the animals first,” the company notes.

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American Ostrich has a farm in Kuna where it raises the birds.

During 2018, American Ostrich Farms raised $275,000 in private placement according to the Idaho Deal Flow report. While it’s far from one of the largest investments, it’s one of the more unique Idaho businesses featured.

Its online store offers steaks, burgers, soaps, pet foods and more.

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