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Fifty Flowers sees expansion, to add Boise Greenbelt shop

Fifty Flowers launched in 2002 in Boise with a mission to change the model for floral – primarily for wedding couples. The company supplies flowers to more than 3,000 weddings each week.

“We were a disruptor in the flower industry – we ship flowers direct from the farm to your door,” founder Liza Roeser-Atwood said during the ITC Capital Connect conference Wednesday. “Our specialty is the do-it-yourself couples.”

Roeser-Atwood told the crowd it would launch a new beachhead in the Boise area.

[Popular flower shop to bloom in old gas station building]

“By the end of the year, we are going to open up Greenbelt Wholesale Flower House,” she said. “I’m so excited about this – it’s been 24 years in the making.”

Roeser-Atwood didn’t detail where and when the new location would open, but did share a rendering of a red barn structure.

Fifty Flowers growing, from Boise

“This year, in April we had a 52% growth and we hit a million dollars in April. We’re on a trajectory – we are going to own the marketplace.”

Roeser-Atwood said they will hit $30 million in revenue in the next three years. The sales are fueled by what she calls the largest selection of flowers sold online.

They plan to launch a new sales-by-text service with another company – Textual. The product is expected to hit in June and will allow customers to buy or gift flower products via a weekly text offer.

“We chose to be based here in Boise, Idaho. We love Idaho.”

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